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How to Add a Pet on Copa Airlines?

Pets have enormous importance these days, they are treated as more than just members of the family, however, different reasons put them in a vital place. If you have a pet such as a cava or cat. It is not possible to leave them alone during the trip. Copa Airlines is considered one of the best pet-friendly airlines. Therefore, if you want to book a pet on Copa Airlines, you can visit the sales offices and contact the reservation centers at least 48 hours before the flight departure.

Does Copa Airlines allow pets in the cabin?

Yes, Copa Airlines allows pets in the cabin, but you must be aware of the Copa Airlines pet policy, which is mentioned below:-

  • Your pet must be carried in a carrier and can then be carried in the passenger cabin.
  • The weight of the pet and carrier must not exceed 20 pounds, if carrying more than this then the pet may be transferred to the cargo carrier.
  • Therefore, make sure that the joint weight does not exceed the set weight.
  • The pet will be transferred to the luggage compartment, and between the flights, you can see it, but for a limited period.
  • Pets must not be odorous or offensive.
  • The pet must be 8 weeks old because less than that will not be accepted.

What are Copa Airlines' pet charges?

If you want to know the pet fee for Copa Airlines, you can see the pet fee for international and domestic flights.

  1. International flights: $147-$166
  2. Domestic flights: $29-$33Both include sales tax. It's important to know that a maximum of three pets are allowed in the main cabin per flight.

What are the General terms and conditions for transporting pets in the cabin?

  • Here you can see that pets are not allowed in business class. ConnectMiles prefers that passengers traveling with pets in cabins are not entitled to free upgrades.
  • Passengers must travel on the same flight as their pets and use a suitable carrier for transportation.
  • Passengers are responsible for all documentation necessary to travel with pets during departure and entry of their pet in both the departure and destination cities. In addition, documents are important for transit through a given country.
  • It is necessary to remember that the pet has the anti-rabies vaccine.

So, here you can see that how you can book for pets and the terms and conditions. Also, you can call the support team to learn more about the pet booking process and the customer support team will ask you some questions about your pets, once you have them back you can take them. However, you will have to show the pet during the offline registration process.

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