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What is the Cancellation Policy of Qatar Airways?

If you wish to cancel your Qatar Airways flight for any personal reason, you can easily do so. However, if you expect the refund to be credited to your bank account after canceling the flight, you should first read the flight cancellation policy and get an idea of the situations in which you can get the refund. Many passengers encounter circumstances when traveling. You should not be concerned at all if you discover yourself in such a circumstance and worry that you will lose money as a result of the cancellation. Understanding Qatar Airways' cancellation policy can help to ensure a convenient and hassle-free booking process. Being aware of it in advance will relieve you of the stress of losing the value of your ticket unnecessarily. If you cancel your ticket promptly, you might be able to receive the full amount back. If you are not familiar with the cancellation policy and the flight cancellation process, don't worry. Read the information mentioned below to the end and learn about the policy and how to cancel a Qatar Airways flight.

Can I cancel my Qatar flight and get a refund?

Yes, in the instance of an emergency, travelers are permitted to cancel their reservations with Airways. Without any uncertainty, you can cancel your flights and get a refund. However, several factors affect how much of a refund you receive and whether there are any fees associated with cancellation. You must examine the Flight Cancellation Policy to comprehend the complete process.

Does Qatar Airways have a cancellation policy?

The airline has established some crucial guidelines to ensure that passengers are not left in uncertainty about flight cancellations. The following outlines some of the key points of the Qatar Cancellation policy that are important:-

  • Ticket holders who cancel their flights within 24 hours of making the reservation are entitled to a full refund in addition to a free cancellation.
  • Customers must pay flight cancellation fees and have the amount they were originally reimbursed deducted if they cancel their reservations after 24 hours.
  • If the airline cancels your flight, you will be placed on the next available flight; if that does not fit your travel schedule, you can request a refund.
  • If there is a delay of more than three hours straight, you can cancel your tickets for free.
  • Many travelers experience medical emergencies. In such instances, they can cancel their reservations, and provide medical documentation.
  • In the instance that travelers neglect to provide their documentation at the time of travel, Airlines retain the right to cancel reservations.

Does Qatar have 24-hour cancellation?

Yes, Travelers are subject to a 24-hour cancellation policy. Customers who cancel their flights within 24 hours of making the reservation will, under this policy, receive a full refund at no additional cost, regardless of the fare type. The sole requirement is that, at the time of ticket cancellation, the flight's scheduled departure must be at least seven days away. This rule applies to all passengers, regardless of fare type, and provides a full refund subject to the following criteria.

What is the process for canceling a flight ticket in Qatar?

The following procedures must be followed if you want to use an online method to cancel a ticket that you have purchased through Airways:-

  • Visit its official website.
  • After that, proceed to the Manage My Bookings section.
  • You can now access your reservation using your booking reference number and last name.
  • Find the option to cancel once you have your reservation details.
  • Now provide the reason with an explanation for your cancellation.
  • Provide the additional details required to cancel the airline ticket.
  • Following that, confirm that the airline has canceled your ticket.
  • You will get an email informing you that your ticket has been canceled in a moment.

What are the different ways to cancel a Qatar Airways flight?

There are two ways to cancel your flight. You will read the steps for both ways, follow whichever method you find more convenient,

Online (on their website)

  • Initially, you should visit the Qatar Airways website from any browser.
  • On its home page on the right-hand side, you will see a login details option.
  • Click on it and enter your credentials correctly to log in to your account.
  • Next, click on "My Trips" and you will see the "Booking" section, where you will need to enter "Manage Bookings".
  • After that, enter the booking number and your last name in the space box and click 'continue'.
  • Get your booking details, click on your flight, and select the 'cancel' option.
  • Then pay the cancellation fees and follow the instructions on the cancellation page.

Offline (on a phone call)

If you do not understand the online cancellation process or if you do not wish to cancel your flight this way, then you have another option (method) to cancel your flight on Qatar Airways. This is an offline process, so you don't have to visit their website and go through the lengthy process. 

  1. All you have to do is call this customer service number and talk to a customer service agent about canceling your flight.
  2. Give them your flight details (booking number and your last name) and make the payment (cancellation fee) to proceed with the cancellation.
  3. You can call this number anytime you want, as their service will be available all day and night and it is also a toll-free number.

So, after reading the cancellation policy and the two ways to cancel your Qatar Airways flight, you can now cancel your flight yourself. If you still have any problems, you can contact the airline for clarification.

If you are unable to cancel your ticket using the online method, there are other methods available such as calling the airline or paying a visit to the airport. You can also utilize the customer support number to cancel your flight.


These details pertain to Qatar Airways flight cancellation policies. With the help of this information, you can now easily cancel your tickets and receive a refund so you can make another reservation.

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