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What Is The Cancellation Policy For EgyptAir?

If you are unsure about traveling with EgyptAir and may want to cancel the booking, no worries—the airline facilitates flight reversals. But do you get your money back? If so, what policies must you be familiar with to get the reimbursement to the original payment source? Here are a few of the guidelines. You must stay acquainted with the Egyptair refund policy and airline guidelines.  

What Is Egyptair's 24-Hour Cancellation Policy?

According to the 24-hour cancellation policy, if a traveler calls off the booking within 24 hours of purchasing the air ticket, they can get a complete refund. Also, ensure a gap of at least seven days between the booking date and departure. Stay assured if you make the reversal within this time frame.   

How Can I Get Refunded For A Canceled Flight From Egyptair?

If you want to get your flight canceled, consider these steps to call off the booking, which is as follows –  

Through Online:-

  • Visit the official page of the airline.   
  • Tap on the My Booking section.   
  • Fill in the Booking reference number and the passenger's last name in the field.   
  • After sending the details, the booking information is retrieved.  
  • Select the flight section and Tap 'Cancel' to proceed with the Reversal process.   
  • Check the airline's reversal policy and the fees applied to cancellations.  
  • Follow the complete process promptly.   
  • You will get a confirmation email once you confirm the booking procedure's calling-off.  

After the reversal, you must submit your request online if you want reimbursement through EGYPTAIR. To do so, you must visit the official airline page click Online Refund, and follow the prompt process.

Cancellation Through Customer Service Number:-

If you are not able to call off the booking online, you can contact the airline's customer service.   

  1. Dial the EgyptAir Customer service number.   
  2. Choose your preferred language to communicate with the representatives.   
  3. Request the customer service representative to call off the booking on your behalf.   
  4. Provide the booking reference number and other valuable details to the officials.   
  5. Review the form and submit it.   
  6. They will inform you about the fees to be charged, as they will be debited from your refund amount.   
  7. Soon, you will receive the confirmation of reversal via email.   

Visit the local ticket office—You can visit the nearest EgyptAir ticket office to request a refund. All you need to do is   

Can I Get My Flight Ticket Refund?  

Yes, you can get your flight ticket return if you meet the eligibility criteria for getting a complete return. Or you comply with the provision of a 24-hour cancellation policy. So, let’s  have a look into the reversal policy of EgyptAir, which is as follows –  

  • Egyptair's Cancellation policy allows you to reverse the air ticket, and if you qualify for a full return, you can receive a refund on all international flights.   
  •  Travelers can get a return either in the form of travel credit or an original form of payment.  
  • A passenger can obtain air bookings through a redeemable travel voucher or from the original payment source, regardless of your ticket fare.  
  • The cancellation policy allows you to call off the air ticket without penalty if an immediate family member dies within three months of the travel date. However, you must provide the required documents.   
  • If a return is eligible, returnable fares can be canceled and reimbursed without incurring charges.   
  • A traveler following the 24-hour reversal rule is eligible for complete money back.
  • They can receive a full reimbursement on the unused portion of the ticket within seven days.   
  • Returnable fares can be called off and refunded without incurring any charges if they meet risk-free reversal.  
  • The cancellation fees vary according to the ticket type and may vary according to the type of ticket purchase. The fees range up to $250.   
  • No-show fees range from US $ 100 to US $300, depending on the fare purchased.   

So, these are the policies and guidelines a passenger must qualify to get a full refund. You must go through these if you have to call off your booking.   

What Is The EgyptAir Refund Policy?

When it's about reimbursing the air ticket, it is necessary to be familiar with the process. Here are some of the key points to note which are as follows -  

  1. If a flight cancels or fails to operate due to a schedule delay, causing you to miss the connecting flight, you can seek a return
  2. When a passenger loses their ticket or a portion, they can obtain a return by providing valid proof of the loss.   
  3. No return is applicable if the air ticket validity has expired according to the EgyptAir reimbursement guidelines.   
  4. As per the EgyptAir refund policy, the amount process will take up to 21 working days.   
  5. It is required to cancel the Check-In before the return request.   
  6. These are some of the highlights of the EgyptAir return policy; consider them if you cancel your air ticket.   

Are Flight Tickets Fully Refundable?  

It depends on the flight ticket you purchased. You can get a complete or partial return based on that. Flight tickets are entirely returnable when call-off within 24 hours of ticket purchase and should be booked seven days in advance. Later, it will go according to the airline’s refundable and non-refundable airfare policy.   


In conclusion, travelers must know the EgyptAir cancellation and refund policy well. This allows them to obtain a complete return without any hassle. Also, you have now become familiar with the process of requesting a return.