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How to Manage Bookings on Cebu Pacific?

Suppose you book a flight ticket to Cebu Pacific, which gives all the essential services to their customers. If you want to know about all the things to manage to book, then below are the following that are mentioned, and you have to follow them to resolve. 

What are the Steps to manage booking in Cebu Pacific?

There are many ways that you need to know how to manage booking in Cebu Pacific, and below are the following steps that you need to follow and are mentioned:-

  • Initially, you must access the official site of Cebu Pacific and open the account by entering the proper credentials. 
  • Then, go to the manage booking option and click on that. 
  • Now, select Change my flight and choose the flight which you want to select. 
  • After that, navigate to the new flight option, and there you will get more options to make any changes. 
  • You need to provide all the details related to the flight and then confirm the flight. 
  • Lastly, make the payment that is applied. 

How do I know if my booking is confirmed in Cebus Pacific?

If you are here to know, how do I know if my booking is confirmed in Cebu Pacific? Then below are the following that you need to follow them and instantly get the confirmation messages:-

  1. First of all, go to the official site of the airline and open the account. 
  2. Move to the flight status option and then enter the departure and arrival destinations. 
  3. Now, enter all the details which are related to the flight. Then search for the flight, and when you open that, you will get confirmation of your flight. 

How to add the booking to the Cebu Pacific account?

When you have a Cebu Pacific account and want to book another reservation, then there are the following steps that you need to know about how to add booking to Cebu Pacific account; follow all the steps correctly:-

  • Firstly, you need to visit the official website of Cebu Pacific Airlines and then access the account by entering the correct credentials. 
  • Then, you need to move to the bookings and boarding pass options. 
  • When you open that account, then you have to click on the add booking options that assist them in adding more functions to your existing booking. 
  • After that, enter the booking references and the last name of the guests in the booking. 
  • When you complete the process, you have to make the payment, and then you will get the confirmation message on your registered email address and contact number. 

What are the Major steps to find a booking reference number, Cebu Pacific?

The reference number of the airline is necessary when you need to rebook the flight ticket or cancel it. So, if you desire to learn how to find the booking reference number Cebu Pacific, then below are the steps that assist you in simply getting the number and applying it when needed:-

  • Open the official site and then move to the manage my booking tab. 
  • Open that and fill in all the information that they need, like the passenger's name and ID. 
  • Move to the search and click on your booking; you need to check the PNR status. 
  • Then, go to the ticket option and tap on that; then, you will get some options to get the reference number of Cebu Pacific. 

Hope that the details that are mentioned above regarding Cebu Pacific managed booking will be beneficial for you. Moreover, you can also directly get in touch with the airline customer services and resolve all the problems.