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How do I change the date of my flight on Aerolíneas Argentinas?

Passengers who have their flight with the airline and are traveling to Argentina but suddenly have a problem that is why they want to change the date of their flight. Then they can see the steps below that they can use to change the date.

From the website:- From the website mode passengers can change their flight date very quickly because it is a widely used way that passengers use a lot. Also, they can see the instructions for the way here at the bottom.

  • Firstly, passengers can open the airline's website.
  • Second, they can touch the option to manage my trip.
  • In this box, they can fill out their confirmation number and last name.
  • Now, they can see all their details on the new page.
  • Below you can get the date change option, you can change it from there.
  • Now they can make the payment if applicable and get confirmation in their email.

How much is the fine for changing flight dates on Aerolíneas Argentinas?

Customers who want to know the fine for changing flight dates on Aerolíneas Argentinas. So if they change the date before 24 hours of the departure of their flight in this case they do not have to pay any cost. But if they change the date after 24 hours then they have to pay around $50 to $100 which depends on the type of flight.

What Are the Argentina Airline Flight Change Policies?

Passengers can see the Aerolíneas Argentinas Flight Change Policy,  which is very important to follow and is mentioned below:-

  1. Passengers can change their flight before 24 hours of departure time for free.
  2. Passengers change their flight after 24 hours of departure time, then they have to pay the fee.
  3. If travelers have obtained their boarding pass, they cannot change their flight.
  4. Passengers who have medical status and they have to provide medical documents to the airline.
  5. The policy says that if the airline changes their flight or destination, travelers do not have to pay anything and can make the reservation for free.

How Can I Modify My Reservation on the Argentine Airline?

Passengers who want to make Aerolíneas Argentinas Modify Reservation,  and are looking for ways. So they can look down and they can get them.
Website Mode:- Travelers who want to modify their Argentina booking like change of flight, change of destination, or want to add a passenger, etc. Then they can use this way because it is very fast and they can see the steps mentioned below:-

  • Passengers can browse the airline's website.
  • Now, you can see the option of my trip, by clicking.
  • Then they can write their reservation number and their last name.
  • In the new one, you can see all their information.
  • Now at the bottom, they can see the change button since the passengers can change everything they want.
  • Now you can make the payment if you can see it there.

From the telephone mode:- Passengers who want to Change Return Flight Aerolíneas Argentinas. So for this, they can call a service agent. They can then say that they want to change a return flight and provide all the information that the expert asks for. The agent will change everything they say and may make payment if applicable. Passengers can get confirmation via email.

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