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How do I call ITA Airways from the US?

ITA Airways is a significant company that flies across Italy to many parts of the globe and takes millions of passengers to their dream destinations. Airways has an extensive fleet size, so you can fly anywhere with different facilities. The Airways runs several campaigns so that you will get various offers while purchasing the flight ticket, but for that, you need to contact someone at the Airways; the question is: How do I contact ITA from the US? You can directly connect with the Airways customer service team through the phone call procedure mentioned below:-

  • Open the official page of ITA Airways. 
  • Then, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the customer center option.
  • Now, on the next page, you will get the number; dial it.
  • Dialed toll-free number 877-793-1717 will connect with the IVR instructions; following that, you will be assigned to the live person.
  • Finally, you can talk to a live person regarding your issue and get the perfect solution. 

How to reach ITA Airways?

There are several ways to connect with the ITA airways that are easily accessible through online mode. You can reach out to the Airways customer service team and get the best possible answer to your question at your side. 

Via live Chat

You can reach out to ITA Airways through a chat option in which you can text your issue to the online chat assistant, who is virtually programmed to answer your query in the chat panel. You can get access to the chat panel with just one click. 

  • Open the official site of the ITA airways.
  • Now, take your pointer to the customer center option.
  • Select the Chat with Us tab, and the chat box will appear.
  • At last, start chatting with the customer service assistant.

Via social media

You can get exclusive information and updates regarding the ITA airways on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. These networks form a community that resolves every raised issue with appropriate solutions. 

  • Search for the official page of ITA Airways.
  • After that, go to the end of the interface to a social media section.
  • In the section, you can choose any social media platform that redirects you to Airway's official page.
  • Finally, you can chat regarding your issue on the social media panel. 

What is the email address for ITA Airways?

You can also connect with the ITA airways through the email option in which you can compose a mail regarding your issue and send it to the email address of the airways, which is complaintsUS@ita-airways.com. You can submit a complaint related to the issue you faced during inflight or at the airport. Along with that, you need to attach the supportive documents so that it will be easy for the airways team to verify your main issue and get back to you quickly with the solution at your address. 
You can also make a complaint at the ITA Airways Customer Service phone number 877-793-1717 and get the necessary help from the Airways professional executive team.