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How to Change the Date of My Flight on American Airlines?

Do you want to change your American Airlines flight date due to a specific reason? You can then change the flight date if your reservation is eligible to make the change. The airline offers several simple options for changing flight dates, including online, and you can easily use it.

How can I Change My Flight Date on American Airlines?

  • To make the change by line, first of all, go to the airline's official website using any browser of your choice.
  • Click on the “manage my reservations” option on the main page of the website. You can use your AAdvantage account to make any type of exchange.
  • Now enter your first name, last name, and the American Airlines reservation conformation code.
  • Click on the search your trip tab.
  • Select your reservation or flight, and then click the review/change option in front of the reservation.
  • Now look for another date according to your plan and then pay the difference in the rate if applicable.
  • Then, you can click on the “change trip” option to complete the process of changing your American Airlines flight date.

  After confirming the flight you will receive an email with the details of the new reservation. With the help of the briefly mentioned steps you can make the change if you are unable to do so or face any problem then in this case you must contact the live executive of the airline by phone whose number you can find on their official site.

How much Does it cost to change the flight date on American Airlines?

If you make the change in the risk-free time of changing the American Airlines flight date, then you do not have to pay the change fee. If you are changing after the risk-free period has ended, then the airline will apply change fees. The fee to change the date for American Airlines will be $75 to $150.

What is American Airlines Flight Change Policy?

After making the change to the American Airlines reservation, make sure that you have completed the information regarding the change in the flight date from American Airlines because it can save the cost of changing back. To know about American Airlines' date change policy, you can see the policies below:-

  • You make the change within 24 hours of purchasing the flight ticket if your reservation is eligible to make the change.
  • If the exchange is eligible within 24 hours then you do not have to pay the exchange fee.
  • If your flight is changed due to flight delay, then the airline allows you to make the change for free.
  • If you make the reservation through a travel agent, then you have to contact the agent to make the change.
  • According to American Airlines flight date change policy, if you want to change the flight a few minutes before the scheduled flight departure.

You can get more information related to the change, policy and cost of American Airlines on their official site.

How to change American Airlines flights?

If there are changes in your American Airlines flight plans then American Airlines allows you to make the changes of your American Airlines flights. To make changes to your American Airlines flights one must follow the American Airlines change policy. Read below to know the American Airlines flight change policy.

What is American Airlines name change policy?

From the American Airlines name change policy one can change name on your American Airlines ticket. You can read American Airlines' name change policy below
Since American Airlines' name change policy one cannot change their name completely from one person to another. Although there may be name correction on unused tickets.
If you make minor changes then you can do it for free. You can change up to three letters only.

  1. The legal name correction but only for prime AA itineraries.
  2. Name changes due to marriage or divorce also for prime AA itineraries.
  3. Update middle name or additional last name.
  4. Major name corrections

  The American Airlines name changes on the older ticket are applicable for tickets in R inventories. Code shared in AA. Major fixes required new PNR due to software limitation and are subject to USD 25 name change charges. Major changes are:

  • Name changes more than three letters
  • Legal name corrections
  • Corrections due to marriage or divorce
  • Name changes already processed.

From the seat upgrade policy one can make American Airlines change seats to first class, but this depends on availability of American Airlines seats in first class.

From the American Airlines change policy one can make American Airlines flight changes on the same day but same day changes can cost between USD 75-150 and this depends on the type of fare and route. Although, same-day changes will not be charged if you have your business class or award class tickets.

What is the process of making American Airlines flight changes?

To make changes to your American Airlines flights one must follow the steps, you can read below the steps to make changes to American Airline flights.

  • From your web browser on your computer or mobile, visit the official American Airlines website.
  • On the first page you can see some options, click on the “Your trip/check-in” option
  • You can see some fields on the screen and enter the passenger's first and last name and the confirmation code that must be in the email you received as confirmation from your registered email from American Airlines.
  • On the other page click and select the “Search for your Trip” option.
  • Now click on the reservation you need to change.
  • Now select the “change trip” option in the reservation details.
  • There are instructions on the screen that one must follow to pay for American Airlines flight changes. You have to pay to do it.
  • You will then receive an email confirming the changes to your American Airlines flights.
  • If your trip does not have the “Change Trip” option then you can contact American Airlines customer support.
  • Also select a flight from which you want to travel with American Airlines.

If you face any problem with American Airlines flight changes then you can also contact American Airlines customer service from different contact media where American Airlines is available.

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