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How to change the flight date in Latam?

If you have made your reservation on this flight then you can see that you can enjoy many benefits of traveling on this airline due to the first class services. So if your travel plan is to get the change and you don't have information what you need to do to change your flight date, then there is no need to be tensed because this airline introduced with the flight date change process through which You can easily change your flight on this airline. So if you want about how to change flight date in latam, then this is the right place where you can get all the necessary details. Because airlines understand that passengers face some circumstances due to which they have to change the flight date.

What is Latam's Flight Change Policy?

If you want to change your flight on latam airlines, but if you want to change the flight booking without paying the high charges, then you will have to learn the flight date change policy through the steps mentioned below:-

  • You can change the flight date if you have made your flight reservation through the official website of latam airlines or through the latam airlines reservation call center and from the ticket counter.
  • If you are part of a group booking or package holiday, you will not be able to change your flight ticket on this airline.
  • And three changes are allowed without any penalty on your plane ticket
  • You can change your airline ticket within 24 hours of purchase. If you do not change your airline ticket within 24 hours of purchasing, you may have to pay some flight change fees.

How do I change the date of my flight in Latam?

To change a flight reservation, passengers can learn the procedure with easy steps:-

  • To change the flight date on latam airlines, it is necessary to visit the website of this airline
  • And then on your home page, you have to navigate to the manage my trips option where the flight change option is required
  • You go to my travel management and there you have to fill out your reservation code and the passenger's last name.
  • You can select date from the list of available flights and follow the instructions and complete the procedure
  • And then, you have to opt for the payment mode and after completing the payment section you will get a confirmation email from Latam airlines.

How much does it cost to change flight date on Latam?

Passengers are free to change their Latam Airlines flight reservation without any charge if they change a flight reservation within 24 hours of purchase. But if you cannot change your flight according to the flight policy 24-hour flight change, you will have to pay flight change fees of $75 for domestic flight changes. For more information, you can contact the airline's customer service team.

How much is the flight change penalty in Latam?

Passengers can change their plane at any time due to any reason so the airline offers the Passenger changing their travel date for this takes a little effort, if you want to know how much is the penalty for changing a flight in Latam, for this the change charge depends on the destination, time of change and type of your ticket.
If you really want to know price to change your flight then following are the charges depending on your destination you pay:-

  • If you have your reservation to Brazil, you have to pay 60 dollars or 6,000 miles.
  • The cost to change flights from Chile is 40 USD or 5,700 miles.
  • 25 USD or 2,800 miles to change flights from Colombia.
  • If you want to change flights from Ecuador then the charges are 15 USD or 2.4 miles.
  • Flights from Peru charge 16 USD or 5.7 miles.

What are the Charges for international flights?

  1. If you have a flight between South American countries, the flight costs will be 75 USD.
  2. For all flights between South America and the United States, the changes will be 200 USD.
  3. For other international flights, it would be 150 USD.

  These are the charges for changing your flight, please note that there will also be service charges that can reach up to $50, if you want to avoid service charges, change your flight through the official website.

What are the charges for changing the date of your Latam flight?

If you want to change your travel date then the charges may depend on the date of travel, the time of requesting the change, your destination and type of fare. There is no exact price to change your travel date but if you want an idea about how much they charge to change the date of a Latam flight then it would be more or less $150 to $300 and you also have to pay the difference in fares. If you have any doubt in your mind then you can contact the official website of Latam airline directly.

Until what time can I change my Latam flight?

If you want to change your flight then you want to know about the time to change your flight then o-you can change your flight depends on your destination such as if you have a domestic booking then you can change your flight one hour before the flight departure but if you have a trip international then you have can change your flight before 1 hour 40 minutes before the flight departure.

How can I change the flight of a passenger on Latam Airlines?

If you wish, you can change your reservation of a passenger then it offers many ways you can contact the office of ticket, service attention and use self-service, if you want to change it through the website then you can follow the steps below as indicated,

  • First you have to dial the Latam phone number at 54 11 5199 1441
  • Next choose your language and manage your reservation from the voice menu.
  • Now your call would connect with an available person from Latam, requesting to change the flight of a passenger in your reservation.
  • Next, share the details of your reservation and the passenger who is changing flights.
  • After this, you have to pay the charges and differences.
  • In the end you will get a new flight for the selected person as per your choice.

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