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How much luggage can I carry on JetBlue?

You can carry 1 carry-on baggage and 4 checked bags without any payment if you carry the extra, so please read the baggage policy and the other information normally. If you are going on vacation with JetBlue airline then you have to think about luggage, and how much luggage can I bring on JetBlue? so don't worry, all the information is given in jetblue, you can read it and resolve your doubts about luggage. At the moment.

What is JetBlue's carry-on baggage policy?

  1. You can carry a tote bag without paying the basic blue care.
  2. if you have booked your tickets with blue, blue plus, blue extra and mint fares.
  3. Free baggage check-in on jet blue and free baggage depends on the route and the fare purchased.

How much do you have to pay per bag on JetBlue?

  • For blue mint fares, you can carry both bags for free and the weight must be 70 lbs/32 kg each.
  • For blue rates, you can bring 1 checked bag, the weight must be 50 lb/23 kg.
  • For Blue Basic, Blue and Blue Extra fares, the checked baggage allowance is usually zero checked bags.
  • The maximum dimensions (length + width + height) of a single piece of checked baggage must not exceed 203.2 cm/80 inches and its total weight must not exceed 99 lbs/44.9 kg.

How much does JetBlue charge for a 50-pound bag?

  • All carry-on bags brought to the gate (other than personal items that fit under the seat in front of you) will incur a charge and must be checked. The fee is 65 dollars. How much do they charge for the extra kilo on JetBlue?
  • If you add luggage, you will have to pay the additional cost and it will increase per bag, for the 1st bag, you will have to pay 35 USD. for the 2nd bag, you will have to pay 45 USD and for the 3rd bag, you will have to pay 150 USD.
  • If you add the 2 bags checked within 24 hours before the flight departure, you can save $5 according to the checked baggage policy.

Jetblue has a different checked baggage policy and it depends on the country

If you travel to these country, you can read the restriction and limitation:-

  • Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago and Peru.
  • In these countries each passenger can carry 2 checked bags.
  • Baggage size and weight restrictions
  • maximum size (length + width + height) 157.48 cm (62 inches)
  • Maximum weight of 31.75 kg (70 lb)
  • If you are bringing checked baggage up to 50 lbs (22.68 kg), you will have to pay the additional cost.


  • Passengers are not allowed to carry up to 2 suitcases during the winter season.
  • When flying to Cuba (but not from Cuba), each passenger can check in up to 2 items, one of which can be a box or plastic container.
  • Passengers carrying checked baggage up to 22.68 kg in weight or 157.48 cm in total dimensions (length + width + height) will be charged an additional excess weight and/or size fee of USD 150.
  • You can bring the box but the box must be sealed.

How many suitcases can you carry on the JetBlue plane?

  1. You can carry the umbrella coat, child car seat, etc.
  2. You can carry duty-free items in limited quantities.
  3. You can carry the bottle and also 1 bag of baby diapers on your lap

What are the Advantages on luggage with JetBlue?

  • JetBlue gives you a JetBlue membership, if you have a JetBlue membership you can bring one extra piece of checked luggage at no charge.
  • If someone is a US military member, they have some advantages.
  • US military members can carry 5 checked bags free of charge on both flights (domestic and international)
  • 2 checked bags on leisure trips at no additional cost (national and international flight)

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