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How to make a flight changes on Delta Airlines?

Many people book flights from Delta Airlines but don't know how to change their ticket. Delta Airlines provides the option to make flight changes. If you have already booked the flights you can also make the changes without paying anything. Generally it depends on the flights if the cost is applicable on the website you must pay to make changes. In this article you will know the processes and policies that you should take into account when you want to make changes to your flights.

What is the Process of Changing Delta Airlines Flights?

If you want to make changes to your flights you can take these steps mentioned below that will help you change your Delta Airlines flights.

  • First of all open the preferred airline website.
  • Now touch the option to “manage my flight”.
  • After that, write your reservation code and your last name and you will see all your reservation details.
  • You should look for the change option in which you can change the dates or arrival and departure.
  • In order to make changes, you will receive a confirmation code via email.

What are Delta Airlines flight change policies?

Before making changes to your flights, it is important that you know Delta Airlines flight change policies. These are the policies that you should keep in mind while changing them.

  • According to Delta Airlines policy, if you want to make changes to your flights, you must change between 24 hours before your departure and it is totally free, you do not owe the cost.
  • If you have booked your flights from Delta Airlines and you make changes to your ticket more than 24 hours after your departure, in this case you must pay the combination cost that is applicable to your tickets.
  • In the case if Delta Airlines changes your flight for any reason such as weather changes, a technical emergency or strike you do not have to pay the cost, Delta Airlines is responsible.
  • Delta Airlines has a policy if you want to make changes for any reason of medical emergency, reason of death or any health problem you can change them for free.
  • Delta Airlines policy says that if you have booked your flights with a travel agency, in this case Delta Airlines cannot change, you must contact that agency with whom you have booked your flights.

What is the Delta Airlines flight date change fee?

The flight date change fee depends on the flights you have booked. If your flights are domestic you have to pay $49 to $52. Delta Airlines flight date, if your flights are international you have to pay 70 to 75 dollars, it is approximately cost.

How do I reschedule my Delta flight?

Travelers who have booked flights but do not know how their flights are rescheduled, must Read this context that will help you make a reservation from Delta Airlines.

  • On the Delta Airlines website, go to the “manage my trip” option.
  • Enter all the details that you mention in your flights.
  • Now write the confirmation code and your last name to see the flight information.
  • After that look for the reschedule option with which you can make changes according to your need.
  • In the end you will receive confirmation of the flights by email that you have rescheduled.

How do I change Delta Airlines flights over the phone?

If you have not been able to change your flights through the Delta Airlines website, you can call Delta representatives directly so you can make changes with their help. Simply call the Delta Airlines customer service number +1 (800) 221-1212. It is a completely toll-free number.

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