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How Do I Get In Touch With Royal Jordanian? 

Customer service is not a department but an attitude. It’s a bridge between the airline and the passenger. Royal Jordanian is among the top airlines that have been rated five stars by their loyal customers. On-time resolution of queries, quick response, and personalized assistance by trained and knowledgeable staff are the main areas the passengers love. Once you book with them, they are available to assist you throughout your journey.  

Before, after, or throughout the journey, there are several times when a passenger may seek expert advice on various things. For any query about the flight booking, the passengers are advised to connect with the agent for help. They will help you find the best possible solution to your query. The preferred channel to contact the Royal Jordanian agent is by phone. To get in touch with an agent, follow the steps below:-

  • Visit the official website of Royal Jordanian.  
  • Find the Contact Us option at the bottom of the page.  
  • Next, tap on the calling option, and the numbers of different countries will flash on the screen.  
  • Pick the number, dial 96265100000 or +1(855)-435-7217, and connect the call.  
  • Press 1 to choose the preferred language.  
  • Press 2 to make a booking with the airline.  
  • Press 3 to cancel the flight.  
  • Press 4 to get a person on the call.  
  • To return to the main menu, press 9.  

Once the person joins you on the phone, share your queries or issues with them and get a solution. If you do not get a solution, request to speak with their superior on the phone.  
 Note: Before you dial the number, make sure to check it. You must choose a number according to your live location, or you may struggle to connect with the agent.        

Is Royal Jordanian 24 7?

Yes, no matter when you make a call or from where you are making the call, there will always be a person to pick up your call and facilitate you with personalized support to make your travel easy and convenient. Royal Jordanian provides round-the-clock service to its passengers. The number they provide is toll-free and does not incur any charges. However, if any passengers want to get a service on the call, they will have to pay a service fee for it. Make your booking, cancel, or modify your ticket. Royal Jordanian's customer agent is there to help you 24/7.  

What Are The Different Ways To Get In Touch With Royal Jordanian?

What if the calling lines are busy? Flight delays are common in the aviation industry. Many passengers call during peak hours when airline representatives are not able to give them a quick response. Here, they can move to alternate options instead of waiting for long hours on the call. Here are some of the options to contact the agent:- 


Chat is among the most common options for passengers to join a person if phone calls are busy or not working. The average wait time here is 8 minutes. Follow the procedure below and get a chat assistant:- 

  • Go to the official page of Royal Jordanian.  
  • Click on the “Contact Us” section.  
  • Tap on the chat icon, and a message box will appear on the screen.  
  • The box will have certain queries listed.  
  • Pick your query and answer the bot-generated questions.  
  • After interacting with the bot, a person from the airline will join you for further discussion.  

 Continue your conversation and resolve your query. If it remains unsolved, you can request to speak to a supervisor, and the agent will connect you to the main department. 


Most people ignore this channel because it is the slowest of all, but when you want to make a complaint, compliment, or suggestion to the airline, email is the best choice. To write an email to RJ, read below:-

  • Head to the official website of the Royal Jordanian.  
  • Move to the ‘Contact Us’ and select the ‘Email Us’ option.  
  • Select the type or topic to contact the airline.  
  • Now, mention your email ID and subject in the suggested box.  
  • Explain your query in the complaint, compliment, and suggestion box, depending on your reason for contacting.  
  • Finally, submit the form and wait.  

Your wait will be over in 24 hours, and the airline will contact you.  

Where Does Royal Jordanian Fly In The UK? 

Royal Jordanian serves various parts of the globe and tends to increase its area over the coming years. So far, they have been targeting major locations worldwide and covering almost all of them. The United Kingdom is one such place. Passengers are seeking UK tickets, and Royal Jordanian is one in the race along with several other airlines. As of now, the airline covers two major cities in the UK, London and Manchester. The routes of RJ connect Asia, the USA, and various parts of the Middle East directly with Britain. The average price of the ticket is approximately $501. However, this price is not fixed and is subject to change based on your location and several other factors. Check out the latest price on their official web page.  
Those who are looking to book a UK ticket and have any query regarding the ticket, procedure, or price are advised to dial and get a local agent at 96265100000 to help you in the best possible way. They are available to pick up your call 24/7.  


Many points that a passenger is unaware of require the help of the airline’s agent. To make the journey hassle-free and convenient, Royal Jordanian provides 24/7 customer support. Take reference from the texts above and contact the airline using the best channel.