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What is Air France Cancellation Policy?

Air France is an airline that operates flights in many countries, which is why so many passengers fly and cancel their flights every day. Thus, passengers who wish to cancel their flight, it is important that they know the air france cancellation policy that is mentioned step by step in this article.

What is the cancellation policy of Air France?

Passengers who are Air users France and wish to request cancellation it is important that you know the cancellation policies:-

  • In the case of cancellations that are made by the airline Air France two weeks and 7 days before the scheduled flight departure then passengers have the right to obtain a new flight or compensation.
  • Passengers who wish to cancel their flight are allowed to request cancellation from the hotline, from the website and from the ticket sales office at the airport.
  • Before requesting cancellation, it is important that you know that cancellations apply charges such as penalties.
  • But if you want that you will not have to pay a penalty charge then request the cancellation within the 24 hour period of making the flight reservation.

What is Air France's refund policy?

Passengers who are Air France users and wish to obtain a refund can follow the steps and obtain information related to Air France canceled flight refund. You can follow the steps and request a refund:-

  • Air France passengers request a refund from the website and from the customer service line.
  • Air France airline offers full refund for passengers who request cancellation and refund within 24 hours of making the reservation.
  • When you request cancellation within this period, you can obtain a refund within 7 business days, from the same payment method with which you made the reservation payment.
  • In the case of cancellation is carried out by the Air France airline then passengers have the right to obtain Air France coronavirus refund in the original form of payment or obtain the voucher.
  • If you have a refundable flight then passengers have the right to choose a refund between the voucher or original payment.
  • In the case of having a non-refundable flight and your flight was canceled by the airline due to the spread of Coronavirus, then passengers have the right to request a refund in the form of payment or voucher.
  • If the flight was canceled by the passenger due to reasons related to his health and he has decided not to fly then the refund can be requested in the form of Voucher.

Before requesting cancellation, it is important that you know that the cancellation process applies additional charges. If you want to obtain information about the rate of a canceled Air France flight then you can ask the representative during the cancellation process. Although the airline Air France offers free changes or cancellations for its users within the 24-hour period of making the flight reservation.

How to request cancellation from Air France?

Passengers who wish to request cancellation can do so through the service line and through the website. If you wish to request cancellation online then follow the steps:-

  • Access the official page where you will find a screen that says “My Reservations”.
  • Access this page mentioning the passenger's information and you will access the page to request modifications or cancellations.
  • From this page you can request cancellation and obtain a refund as well.
  • If you find that a make payment screen appears then you can make the payment and request the refund.

How to Cancel an Air France Flight?

Many passengers make plans to go on vacation with their family if they have purchased a ticket and want to cancel their flight due to some emergency or serious health condition, but they do not know how to cancel the Air France flight. It is a very simple procedure, you can read the steps below to get the answers to this question.

The Process of Canceling an Air France Flight:-

Passengers can refer to the flight cancellation process if they have no idea how to cancel their flight. These steps are helpful for them.

  • When you open your browser, go to the Air France website.
  • They can go to the "manage reservation" option on the Air France home page.
  • And they can enter the reservation code and last name.
  • And then they can see their flight information on the screen.
  • They also have to go to the cancellation option and cancel the flight.
  • They then have to pay the cancellation fees, if they apply to their tickets.
  • Once the steps are completed, you will receive a confirmation email from the airline.

What is thee Cancellation Fees of Air France?

In case passengers have any kind of problem in canceling the Air France flight. You can contact Air France customer service. They can make a flight cancellation request. If you want to know Air France flight cancellation fees before canceling your tickets. Passengers do not pay the fee if they cancel a flight before 24 hours. Apart from that, the costs are 200 dollars if you cancel the tickets online, or 250 dollars if you call by phone and go to the airport.

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