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How Do I Contact Vietnam Airlines from the US?

Vietnam Airlines flag carrier is Vietnam headquarters in Long Biên district, Hanoi. In addition, it can proffer its services to its passengers in 17 countries of 64 locations. Also, its services can be proffered to its customers all the time, 24/7.
You can easily contact Vietnam Airlines from the US in many ways. Therefore, you must thoroughly get through the below-mentioned ways.

Where is the Vietnam  Airlines office?

To take any help from the airline person; you can visit the US office, which is situated at 1388 Sutter Street, Ste 500, San Francisco, CA 94109, United States.

How to Call the Vietnam Airlines agents? The customer service person is always available for you whenever you are trying to call them at +1 (866) 677-8909. Thus, if you look for how you will get it, there are a few steps that you must track down.

  • Open the Vietnam Airlines web portal.
  • Find the contact support section, and pick the phone number from there.
  • Dial the number and call the agent, and when it connects with the person,
  • Share all difficulties and, by talking with the agent, directly resolve all problems quickly.

How to send an Email to Vietnam Airlines? In addition, you can also link up with the airline person by sending an email to customer-care.us@vietnamairlines.com. Thus, if you look for how you will get it, go to the customer service page, take the email address, tap on it, share your difficulties with the agent, and resolve all problems promptly by contacting them.

How do I call Vietnam Airlines?

  • Navigate the web browser of Vietnam Airlines.
  • Find the “Contact us” column, pick the number, and dial 19001100; the call reverts to IVR instructions; those options are stated below,
  • Dial 1 to reserve tickets and seats
  • Dial 2 to change the flight 
  • To cancel and request a reimbursement, dial 3
  • Dial 4 to speak with the Vietnam representative
  • Dial 5 to take any flight information 

After hearing all the options, click the 4th button to speak with the person. When you connect with them, quickly get rid of conflicts by communicating with them in person. 

How does Vietnam Airlines Manage booking?

In the Vietnam flight ticket, you want to make some changes, and due to this, you are finding ways to do this. So, don’t worry; you can do it by tracking down the below steps:-

  • Launch the Vietnam Airlines site on your search engine
  • Seek the “Manage booking” section, and click on it.
  • Then, enter the “reservation code/ ticket number” and “passenger’s last name, and continue to the search option.
  • View your booking details, you will get some ways to cancel, upgrade, change, or manage your reservation as per your choice,
  • Go to the payment section, pay the charges, and receive its confirmation.
  • Also, you can do it, by calling the customer service person.

How do I get the Vietnam Airlines Reservation number?

If you look to get the reservation number after booking, you have to check your email due to after booking; the airline will offer your confirmation and reservation number on your registered email. So, to get it, you have to open the mailbox, find the email you take from Vietnam Airlines, and there you will get the reservation number, which is accessible to use in managing booking the flight.