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How Can I Upgrade from Economy to Business Class on KLM?

Many passengers prefer to upgrade from Economy to Business Class on KLM. You will get many additional advantages, such as comfortable seats, more legroom, easy cancellation, etc. Therefore, if you would like to know the methods to do so, please take note of the windows provided below through which you will know how to upgrade; have a look:

How to Upgrade your flight through the official website?

The main method to change your itinerary is through the official website. This method will take you 3 to 5 minutes. To know more go through the points mentioned below:-
Visit the official KLM website to start the mode. 
Enter your PNR number, first name, last name, etc., and search for your flight.
Click on your flight and then proceed to the "Upgrade my flight" option.
Make the appropriate changes, e.g. change your class from Economy to Business.
Choose your seat and make the payment to confirm your booking.

How to Call the agents to upgrade your flight?

You can only change your itinerary on KLM by calling their support number, +44 (20) 39700065 or +1(855)-435-7217, where you will be assigned an officer who will listen to your request to change class (from Economy to Business) and complete it. However, if there are any fare differences, you will have to incur a separate fee to confirm the upgrades. Remember some rules that apply after dialing a contact number; during the call, some IVRs will appear; listen to them and choose one of them to speak to a real person.

How to Upgrade your itinerary at the airport?

If you cannot follow the methods written above, e.g. by phone call or website, you can go another way, which is to approach the airport help desk and ask the agent to update your flight. The upgrades on KLM from Economy to Business are subject to the availability of vacant seats. Also, carry all documents, such as ticket details, etc., to the airport, as proof for verification then proceed with the upgrade.

What is The Cost of an upgrade on KLM?

People flying with KLM often seek to know the cost of the upgrade to have a concrete idea. So, for clarity, here are some points that can clear all your confusion related to the same; please have a look and understand:-

  • The upgrade cost can start from $150 and can go up to $900.
  • The costs vary depending on the upgrade you made and the type of flight.
  • To know the exact amount, visit the official website or call the agent.

Is it possible to upgrade after checking in at KLM?

Upgrading your KLM flight is not generally available after checking in. However, it is not that you cannot upgrade your flights. Take note of the points mentioned below to know about the tips and tricks through which you can upgrade with KLM.

  • Last-minute offers:- If you are aware of KLM's last-minute offers, e.g. free seat upgrade, extra legroom, etc., you can request it from the agent. But remember that you have to make all such upgrades at the time of check-in or before check-in.
  • Ask the agent:- You can also inquire about all the ongoing or current offers that you can apply for discounts on your flight. However, please remember that these upgrades are subject to seat or flight availability only.

How many miles do you need to upgrade to Business Class on KLM?

People always wonder about the miles needed to upgrade on the KLM itinerary. Therefore, to explore the same, you are requested to take note of the points below; please take a look:-

  1. Generally, it takes around 40,000 miles to upgrade your itinerary to Business class on KLM.
  2. However, the number of miles varies depending on the flight or upgrade you take.
  3. For more information on this, we advise you to contact the staff member who will provide you with the information.

What are the KLM upgrade rules?

There are some rules that you should be aware of before upgrading to KLM. Therefore, to know them, please go through the points carefully so that you have a brief idea; please have a look:-

  • If seats are not available at KLM, you may not be allowed to upgrade your flight.
  • Any fare difference you may have to incur to accommodate the upgrade request.
  • You can only upgrade from a lower class to a higher class, e.g. from Economy to Business or First.
  • If you upgrade your flight, the above benefits may not apply.
  • For further information, please contact the airline (KLM) via their telephone number, where a staff member will deal with the matter.

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