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Marella Cruises 

Cruises are the future! Roads, railways, and air routes have been the common travel options for most people, but there’s one more. Sea route: Humans have always been fascinated with the ocean but have never entered the middle of it. Most humans have gone to the shoreline of the ocean. This ancient mode of transportation has been neglected after the introduction of airlines. But the reason behind this is the cost of the ship travel, which is now mostly used to transfer goods only. Marella Cruises is returning to the golden time of the sea route and introducing several holiday packages for travelers. Are you excited to book yourself for the most ancient travel option? Remember, this is the costliest option because it’s not just a trip; it’s a journey. Hold on! Before you drop your plan of picking up this travel option, it is possible to get your ticket cheaper. Continue to read and learn everything about Marella Cruises Line.   
Before you book your travel, there are many things that you want to know about the travel and Marella Cruise. You should be; it is your right to understand all aspects of the cruise line before you book your travel with them. Marella is a transparent company that shares all of its information with the customers, building a sense of trust among the passengers. Here is some key information about the ship mentioned below:-

  • Marella Cruises Line is operated by TUI UK.  
  • This is a British-based cruise line.  
  • The Cruise was earlier known as Thompson Cruises Line and changed its name in late October 2017. 
  • The company began operating in 1973, but due to the hike in fuel prices, it terminated operations in 1976.   
  • In 2018, the company started to make its base in the Asian region.  
  • In 2012, the company reached the milestone of holding 1% of the total market share of the worldwide cruise industry.  
  • After COVID-19, the company planned to merge its operations with Royal Caribbean to revive the cruise sector.  
  • Royal Caribbean was not the first joint venture of the cruise earlier; they did this with Hapag Llyod Cruises.  
  • TUI is Marella Cruises' parent company.  
  • The managing director of the company is Christopher Hackney.  
  • It is a private limited company.  
  • The vessels of Marella Cruises Line serve in the sea under the flag of Malta and the Bahamas.  
  • The builders of the current ships are Chantiers de la Atlantique and Meyer Werfet. 
  • The shipyards of the builders are located in France and Germany. 
  • In 2009, TUI acquired a share in Royal Caribbean, which was why MS Island Escape was added to the service.  
  • Mein Schiff 1 and Mein Schiff 2 transferred to Thomson Cruises (former name) in 2015.  
  • The company covers famous destinations in Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean.  
  • The company has scraped around thirteen ships since it started its operations. 
  • Currently, the company has five ships operating in the ocean. 

You can read it to familiarize yourself with the cruise before you book your tickets.  

What Are The Different Amenities Offered By Marella Cruises?

Marella Cruises is one of the pioneers in its industry. It has been serving passengers since 1973 and has repeatedly upgraded its services and amenities onboard to match modern quality. Over the years, innovation was not the only part. So many cruises were also scraped and introduced, which were perfect for contemporary times. All the vessels of Marella are equipped with modern amenities and offer hundreds of activities to the passengers to not let their journey get dull any time of the voyage. Let’s understand in detail the services and amenities offered by the Cruise onboard:-

  1. Dining option: The ship has the finest dining option for the passengers. You will get continental and international foods. It does not end here; the chefs will also create the food as per your needs. Just share your diet plan with their best chefs, and they will make the food according to your wants.  
  2. Gym Area: Eating a lot and sitting in the room will get your ponch out, and do not sacrifice your fitness. So, join the gym of the ship equipped with all the modern machines.  
  3. Spa and Wellness Center: Tourists who want to relax their body and mind can visit the vessel's spa. The trained masseuse will give you the best service.  
  4. Wi-Fi: Most people think that they will be disconnected while they are on the trip, but it’s not true. Connect your device with Marella's high-speed internet and get regular updates on the world. Also, do not let your binge-watch get affected while you are in the middle of the sea.  
  5. Sports Area: Not all passengers prefer to go to the gym area for fitness. You have a better option to indulge in the games. The ship has a gaming area that includes both indoor and outdoor games. 
  6. Video Games: You left your kids playing video games on the vessel. Marella has the latest video games.  
  7. Ocean Games: While you are in the ocean, don’t you like to play some water games in the ocean? Drive the bike in the ocean and get more closer to the sea. Not only that, you can also jump into the water and explore the marine life.  
  8. Lounge: While you want to get some time for yourself, book a suite lounge of Marella on the ship and spend time with your friends in the sound of music and drinks.  
  9. Bar: A trip is incomplete without a bottle of champagne. Get as many drinks as you want in the bar area of the vessel. Taste your favorite mocktails and cocktails; they have a wide range of drinks for travelers.  
  10. Private Balcony: All the rooms on Marella’s ships have a personal balcony. Most of its ships are designed so that rooms get to the side so that balconies can be fetched with the room. Enjoy the scenic view of the ocean from the balcony.  
  11. World-Class Interior: Humans are more happy around beautiful things. The ship’s rooms and deck area are designed and equipped with the finest interior designers.  
  12. Water Games: While you are in the water, you might experience the water games. The top of the deck area has pools, slides, and hundreds of games. Slide your way, jump inside the pool, and enjoy the games.  
  13. Live Performances: The vessel hosts many musical shows. During the trip, Marella organizes many concerts. Vibe with the music and enjoy the trip.  
  14. Theatrical Shows: When you are on the ship and have your dinner, you can enjoy the theatrical shows. Hit to the theater of the vessel, where they organize several dance, music, and stand-up shows.  

 Marella Cruises strives to provide passengers with the best travel experience possible. Their exceptional services and amenities enhance the overall travel experience for passengers. Since its inception, the company has consistently updated its services and amenities, introducing innovations and products. The onboard staff are available 24/7 to assist you, so feel free to reach out to them at any time for help. 

What Are The Commonly Known Tips And Tricks To Book Cheap Tickets For Marella Cruise?

Discover the insider tips and Tricks to secure the most affordable tickets for your dream Marella Cruises to make your dream vacation a reality. Yes, many passengers step back due to the high prices of flight tickets, but you do not have to necessarily pay higher prices for the tickets. With several tricks and hacks, tickets can be booked at a lower price. To learn some effective ways to book an affordable flight, read the points below:- 

  • Book your Flight at The Right Time:- What is the approach most people use when booking a flight? Some book at the earliest possible date, thinking the best price is when the cruises have released the tickets, and it will gradually increase with the demand. On the other hand, some passengers wait until the last minute, hoping to get a better price. Now, both approaches are wrong because if you book too early, you are not giving the price enough time to adjust itself according to market conditions, and the price may fall. But waiting until the last minute is not a good idea because you may have to pay for an overpriced ticket. The ideal flight booking time is 2 to 4 months before departure to get the best deal.  
  • Book Last Minute Flight:- Yeah! You heard it right, but do not get confused. If you can book your flight early, you can avoid this. Booking your flight at the last minute is a game of fortune, and the game can move both ways. You may secure a better deal, but you may pay a higher price. So, if you leave with enough time, you are not advised to wait, but if you are already late, you can try it to your fortune. Sometimes, all the seats are not filled, and if, at the last moment, no one shows up for the ticket, the cruise offers these tickets at a discounted rate.    
  • Get the Price Updates:- The customer may review the price and not like it. What should he/she do then? Do not worry; you can bargain and offer your price to the airline. Get to the official web page of a third party and set the price alert. This amazing feature lets the passengers tell the price they are comfortable paying. After this, they are free to leave the page, and once the price comes to the point selected by the passengers, they will receive a notification regarding the price drop. Open the mail and book your ticket at the price you decide.  
  • Book your Flight Through a Third Party:- The passengers can surely book their tickets; they just have to move to the official web page of the cruise and, in the book section, reserve their seats. The process is simple, but it is worth it. Many people avoid getting help from a third party due to commission and charges involved in between but believe they always get you a better deal where you profit even after paying the commission. Apart from this, they are experts, so they can advise you on the best cruise that caters to all your needs and is within your budget.      
  • Senior Citizen and Student Discount:- If you are 70 years old or above or if you are currently a student, you are eligible for significant discounts on Marella tickets. To qualify, seniors need to provide a valid government ID showing their date of birth, while students need to present their college ID. The discount amount will vary from 10% to 15% based on different factors. 
  • Off-Season:- 'Off-season' refers to a period when fewer people are interested in booking cruises, causing companies to lower prices to attract more passengers. This strategy is designed to boost sales and stimulate demand for tickets. You can take advantage of this by booking tickets at a cheaper price when demand is low. 

What Is It About Marella Cruises That Makes It Stand Out From All Others? 

Several cruise brands are floating in the market. So, what is so special about Marella? Yeah! It’s true numerous brands have entered the sea, but the experience in the game that Merella carries makes it unique and special. With their experience, they are aware of the requirements and needs of the passengers. You do not suffer even a bit; the company provides a customer service facility on the ship. If you have any problem during the trip, you can directly talk to the agent for help. They will help you with the best possible solution.
The cruises are equipped with all the modern facilities and amenities. Marella has years of experience in the business. So, they better know what a passenger requires and what just a showpiece is. Thus, they removed the showpieces and introduced the amenities that helped the passengers. It elevates the travel experience of travelers. Enjoy the games, pool, water sports, live performances, and a personal butler to assist you the whole day with your needs.
The best part is yet to come! Marella is offering all of this at an unimaginable price. They are so budget-friendly that you do not have to give a second thought even if you are concerned about the prices. They are offering competitive prices and thanks to their experience in the market which teaches them about cost-cutting and provides the best facilities onboard. So what are you waiting for book your ticket now! 

What Are The Different Cruises Run By Marella Cruises?

Marella Cruises was started in 1973 and then wound up just after three years. However, they returned once again in 1995, and since then, they have added several cruise lines and covered most destinations on the globe. Currently, they are running their business with five cruises. Before you book your ticket, check out the details of their ships described below:-  

Marella Discovery:- Discovery was built in 1996 by Chantiers de la Atlantique and brought to serve Marella in 2016. It was renamed after the acquisition. Its gross tonnage is 69,130 tons. It has 11 decks and runs at 24 knots in the sea. The ship has seats for 1,830 passengers and 750 crew members. Under the flag of Malta, the ship flows in the ocean of Barbados, Turkey, and Bridgeton.  

Marella Discovery 2:- Discovery 2 was built in 1995 by Meyer Werft and brought to serve Marella in 2017. It was renamed after the acquisition. Its gross tonnage is 69,130 tons. It has 11 decks and runs at 24 knots in the sea. The ship has seats for 1,836 passengers and 771 crew members. Under the flag of the Bahamas, the ship flows in the ocean of Palma de Mallorca, Spain, and  Singapore.  

Marella Explorer:- Explorer was built in 1996 by Chantiers de la Atlantique and brought to serve Marella in 2018. It was renamed after the acquisition. Its gross tonnage is 76,522 tons. It has ten passenger decks and runs at 24 knots in the sea. The ship has seats for 1,924 passengers and 991 crew members. Under the flag of Malta, the ship flows in the ocean of Greece and the Canary Islands.  

Marella Explorer 2:- Explorer 2 was built in 1995 by Meyer Werft and brought to serve Marella in 2019. It was renamed after the acquisition. Its gross tonnage is 71,545 tons. It has 12 decks and runs at 24 knots in the sea. The ship has seats for 1,814 passengers and 814 crew members. Under the flag of Malta, the ship flows in the ocean of Palma de Mallorca and Jamaica.

Marella Voyager:- Voyager was built in 1997 by Meyer Werft and brought to serve Marella in 2023. It was renamed after the acquisition. Its gross tonnage is 77,303 tons. The ship has seats for 1912 passengers. Under the flag of Malta, the ship flows in the ocean of Spain and Barbados.  


Book your dream trip with Marella within your budget. Read the texts above and Uncover the secrets to securing the most budget-friendly tickets for your dream Marella Cruises. Committed to making your dream vacation a reality without breaking the bank. If you have any queries, do not hesitate to reach out to their agent for help.