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Azamara Club Cruises

It entered the market in 2007 and has operated in the world's top destinations since then, from Miami, Florida. It commences with just two ships, the Azamara Quest and the Azamara Journey. Sycamore is the parent company. However, this company was founded by the Royal Caribbean group, intending to diversify its operations, but due to COVID-19, it had to sell it to a private investment group. The ships were renovated thrice in 2012, 2013, and 2018. Each time, they wanted to add more amenities and innovate their services and qualities. Dondra Ritzenthaler is the company's current CEO. Currently, they have four ships under R-Class, which were built for the Renaissance Cruises between 1997 and 2000. Others have taken cruises from P&O Cruises. All ships sail in the water under the Malta flag. Over the years, the company has extended its wings to various places worldwide. One can expect to have a variety of dining venues on the ship along with room service, beer, and wine, which are served to the travelers throughout their travels. Join them for a hassle-free and no-crowd journey to the best destinations in the world. 

Why choose simple and boring travel when you can turn it into fun and laughter with Cruise travel? Imagine having a glass of wine in your hand and enjoying the top-notch performances of artists. That’s just a little of what Azamara Cruise offers in real. Bring yourself closer to the ocean and dive into the incredible marine life. Spend nearly three weeks in the middle of the sea with their most exponential plans. Choose Azamara Cruise for your travel, feel the goodness of Asia, and taste the spices of Europe. Explore the treasury of African nature or witness the Skylines of North America. Name a destination on the earth, and Azamara will drop you there. Enough! Let’s end the wait and learn the necessary points to help you book your tickets.  

What Amenities Offered By Azamara Club Cruises Are Different Compared To Other Cruises?

Now, when a passenger books a trip with any of the world's cruises, they have a right and a curiosity to know what the airline is offering. Azamara Cruises has been serving passengers for over a decade now, and over the years, they have brought new services, amenities, and innovations to enhance the travel experience of their customers. They do not want their travelers to suffer even a bit, and thus, they provide the best possible facilities to their passengers. Let’s take a look at their services and amenities in detail:-

  • Private Balcony: Each room Amazara is equipped with a private balcony. Passengers can enjoy breathtaking views of the ocean from this balcony during their travels.  
  • Bar: The passengers can take a sip of their favorite drinks. Make your favorite mocktails and cocktails, and enjoy the aroma around the sea. Equipped with light and sound is one of the finest places on the vessel to spend some time with your friends.  
  • Lounge: Equipped with all the modern facilities, the lounge area of the ship invites you to relax and forget the worries of your daily life’s hustle and bustle.  
  • Gym Area: Cruises are the longest travel, and thus, many have to skip their routine and compromise their fitness. Do not let this happen when you travel with Amazara because they have a built gym that carries all the modern machines and a trainer to help you out.  
  • Dining options: When you travel with Amazara, you can enjoy complimentary international cuisine tailored to all passengers' tastes.  
  • Specialized Food: Not every passenger can eat the same food. People have different requirements, some due to medical reasons, some focusing on their fitness goals. Amazara caters to every passenger's needs and alters the food to meet your requirements.   
  • Wi-Fi: When passengers are in the middle of the sea, many remain disconnected from the real world. Due to this, many had to compromise with their work. Do not let your work and entertainment stop with the high-speed Wi-Fi internet on the ship.  
  • Sports Area: You can play many games in the middle of the sea. No matter whether you like indoor or outdoor games. The ship is capable of both. Yes, you can even play outdoor games like basketball, volleyball, and tennis.  
  • Spa and Wellness Center: You've taken yourself out of town, but you're still uncomfortable. Join a special discussion on the spa trainers and wellness center. Their qualified masseuse will relax your body and mind with special services. 
  • Ocean Exploration: If you are in the middle of the sea, don’t you want to explore its beauty and colorful life? Dive into the water with a trainer equipped with life support equipment and witness the ocean.  
  • Water Games: Indulge in water games. Slide from the top, reach the bottom, and swim miles into the water. Enjoy the manmade waves and take the ocean's feel without even entering it.  
  • Live Performances: The ship has a theater where they regularly host different shows of dance, music, and stand-up. So, after a heavy dinner, come to the theater and sit to enjoy the live performances.  

How Can You Book Cheap Tickets For Azamara Club Cruises?

Since Cruises offer plenty of services and amenities for passengers, they have to charge more for tickets to support the services and maintenance of the ship. But does this mean passengers necessarily have to pay more? Unfortunately, yes! Not every section of society can afford to enjoy the luxury of ship travel. This is partly true but not entirely. Yes, it's possible to book a cheaper ticket, even for a cruise. You just have to be aware of the right strategies.  

Use the hacks listed below while booking a ticket and get your ticket cheaper:-

  1. Do Not Book Early or Late:- Booking a ticket too early is a wrong decision, and holding yourself until the last minute in the hope of the cheapest flight ticket is also not a good idea. So, what is the appropriate time to book your flight? Well, why? See, when you book your ticket early, you are not given the time for the ticket to settle at a price as per market conditions and demand. Last-minute booking is expensive most of the time. Because this is where many people are looking for a ticket, you should book your ticket 3 to 6 months earlier than the departure date.   
  2. Check out the Last Minute Flight:- Do not get confused! Yes, a last-minute flight is a bad idea, and you are not even recommended to wait until the last minute if you have enough time. However, those passengers who do not have enough time left can wait a little because the price will not fluctuate too much. Sometimes, cruises are left with a few vacant seats to fill out. What do they do? They offer the last few seats at a heavy discount to the passengers. So, there is a chance that you may get your ticket at a discounted rate.  
  3. Book Your Flight Through a Third Party:- Of course, you are capable of booking your flight, but you should not. Why? Because you are not aware of the market price, the best time for booking, and the cheap seats available on the vessel. At the same time, a third party reviews all the approaches and gets you the maximum discount on your ticket. Many passengers ignore taking advice from travel partners just because they want to save on the commission charges. Now, you will have to pay the commission charges, but the services and price of the ticket they are bringing for you make it worth it. 
  4. Discount to Students and Senior Citizens:- The company provides special discounts to students and senior citizens. Sometimes, even colleges and institutes book a pool of seats to give an educational trip to the students. The vessel offers a huge discount. To avail yourself of this offer, you must present your senior citizen card to the company to prove your age. If you are 70 or above, you are eligible to get this discount. Similarly, students will also have to show their ID card from a registered institution. The ticket price will drop by 15%.
  5. Welcome Bonus:- The third party gives you a welcome bonus when you register yourself with them for the first time. The passenger can pay part of the bonus they earned and the remaining amount in cash. How to do this? Just follow the simple booking procedure and move to make the final payment. At the same time, making the payment, move to the voucher and discount section and look for the welcome bonus code. Copy the code, return to the booking page, and paste it into the suggested box. You will get a discount worth your voucher. Pay the remaining amount and get ready for your trip.
  6. Get Price Updates:- There can be passengers who are not happy with the price available can use the price update facility. What do you have to do? Just move to any preferred third-party web page and set the preferred price on the price bar. You are free to leave the page now. Once the price falls within the range you have selected, you will automatically get a notification. A message will be sent to you. Open it and tap on the link to reach the page and book your ticket on your terms.
  7. Incognito Mode:- When you search for a flight, make sure to do this in incognito mode. This will not let the vessel access your previous history and searches. It has been seen that passengers who are searching for a flight for the first time in a while are likely to get cheaper flight deals.  
  8. Off-Season:- When fewer passengers book their flights, it is considered as low season. Due to a lack of demand for the tickets in the market, the prices of the tickets fall. If possible, you can book your ticket in the off-season. You are likely to get your ticket at a much lower rate than regular.

What Is It About Azamara Club Cruises That Makes It Stand Out From All Others?  

  • Over the past few years, the demand for passengers for Azamara Cruises Line tickets has increased. The main reason behind this is their exceptional services and quality staff. They provide a 24/7 service to their passengers. Not only that but the services are also altered as per the wishes of the passengers. Yeah, indeed, the requirements of each passenger cannot be the same, and thus, they modify their services as per your requirements. 
  • Enjoy the water sports at the top of the ship. Slide from the top and jump into the pool. There are so many water sports for travelers. Apart from this, if you want to jump into the ocean, Azamara allows you to do that as well. Wear the special suit and jump inside the water to witness the marine life from close. You do not have to worry because you will be assisted by a trainer the whole time you are in the water.  
  • Once you are out of the water, fill your tummy. Visit the ship's dining area. World-class chefs will prepare food according to your wishes and requirements. Taste international, continental, and amazing seafood. You can then enjoy the theatrical shows and dance performances of the artists. The ship invites amazing bands, dancers, stand-up comedians, and musicians. Vibe with them and make your evening special after a heavy day. The king-size bed is waiting for you now, and please your eyes with the scenic views from your balcony.  
  • The best part of the ship is that it offers all of these facilities that are within your budget. You do not have to compromise with the budget or increase it. You will get all of these at a reasonable rate. This is the most amazing part of the vessel, which makes it different from others. It is thus impossible for their competitors to catch them because the price they offer makes it the first choice of travelers.  

What Are The Cruises Run By Azamara Club Cruises?

Azamara started their business in 2007, and at that time, they had only two ships covering a few areas of the globe, but they were looking at the popularity and demand for tickets in the market. They were forced to add more ships to the line and widen their reach to different areas of the world now. So, let’s take a close look at the ships, the number of people they can carry, and the number of trips they offer and destinations:-  

Azamara Journey:- In 2000, the Journey was built, and 2007 was the year when Azamara acquired this ship. Before this, it was served to Renaissance Cruises. 30,277 is the gross tonnage of the ship. The vessel was also renamed after the acquisition. It can carry up to 694 passengers and 407 crew members, and to facilitate all of them, the ship has 11 decks and runs in the sea at a speed of 18 knots. Some of the major destinations covered by the ship are the Caribbean, Northern Europe, South America, and the Panama Canal. 

Azamara Quest:- In 2000, the Quest was built, and 2007 was the year when Azamara acquired this ship. The ship was originally built for Renaissance Cruises. 30,277 is the gross tonnage of the ship. The vessel was also renamed after the acquisition. Before this, it was called Blue Moon. It can carry up to 686 passengers and 408 crew members and to facilitate all of them, the ship has 11 decks, out of which nine are reserved for passengers, and runs in the sea at a speed of 18 knots. Some of the major destinations covered by the ship are Barcelona, Cape Town, and San Juan. 

Azamara Pursuit:- The Quest was built in the year 2001, but it joined the services of Azamara in 2018. The ship was originally built for the Royal Princess. 30,277 is the gross tonnage of the ship. The vessel was also renamed after the acquisition. It can carry up to 777 passengers and 380 crew members and to facilitate all of them, the ship has 12 decks, out of which nine are reserved for passengers, and runs in the sea at a speed of 18 knots. Some major destinations the ship covers are Greece and Cape Town.

Azamara Onward:- The Quest was built in the year 1999, but it joined the services of Azamara in 2022. The ship was originally built for the Renaissance Cruises. 30,277 is the gross tonnage of the ship. The vessel was also renamed after the acquisition. It can carry up to 826 passengers, including lower and upper berth and 373 crew members, and to facilitate all of them, nine decks are reserved for passengers and run in the sea at a speed of 18 knots. Some major destinations the ship covers are Italy, Turkey, and France.

Come closer to the ocean with the Azamara Cruises Line. Humans have stories and fantasies about exploring the ocean but have never done so, but with Azamara’s ships, it is possible now. So, stop dreaming and book your ticket now.