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Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Humans and Oceans have drifted apart over the years. Most people have been closer to the shoreline when they go for a picnic with their family, but do they ever even think of getting into the middle of the sea? It looks impossible, but it’s true! Yeah, you heard it right. Regent Seven Seas Cruises is bringing dreams into reality. Book your travel with them and take yourself to the continuous flowing breeze of the ocean. Regent is a superior player in the industry and is perfect to cater to all your needs. Whether this is your first voyage or you travel regularly through sea routes, you will experience a trip that will last long your life. Excited? You might be, but arrange a hefty balance because cruises are expensive. Unfortunately, this is also true! Cruises are the most costliest travel option, but is there any way to get tickets cheaper? Lucky you! There are. Continue to read and not just get your tickets cheaper but also get the answer to what is so special about Regent Seven Sea Cruises.
Let’s start this roller coaster ride with the introduction of the cruise you are going to travel with. The company was founded in 1992 and had its first base in Miami, Florida the place from where they are now running their operation throughout the world. Norwegian Cruises Line another brand in the same industry is the parent company. Regent is a subsidiary of Norwegian. However, earlier it was an independent body until 2008 when Appolo purchased for $1 billion due to its experience and outstanding performance. After the purchase, Appolo planned to introduce several new ships in the line. The demand and plan were to keep the dimensions of the new ships similar to the Seven Sea Mariner and Seven Sea Voyager. They made numerous changes after the acquisition, and the name was first in the line. Earlier, it was called the Raddison Seven Sea Cruise.  

What Amenities Does Regent Seven Seas Cruises Offer? 

What has been the most important thing for passengers throughout history is its performance and profit. No! The amenities and services offered by cruises elevate the comfort and convenience during the trip. Before booking a ticket, any passenger must see and check out what the company is bringing to the table for them. It is the right of the passengers, and they must do it. This will help them make a reservation catering to all their requirements and needs. Regent Seven Seas Cruises keeps the comfort of the passengers at the top and is not ready to compromise with it at any cost. Let’s take a look at the amenities offered by them:-

  • Theater Performances: During the day and night, the Regent conducts many theatrical performances. These performances include dance, music, and stand-up of your favorite artists. The best thing is that you can enjoy these performances after dinner.  
  • Fitness Program: While passengers are on the cruises, they might be missing their healthy lifestyle. Regent, do not let you do that. While you travel with them, you can participate in various fitness programs they create to help you achieve your fitness goals.  
  • Steam Rooms: Relax your body and mind! Give your body a session of steam and feel relaxed. Steam is just a small portion of the bigger picture. You can get a massage from a trained masseuse.  
  • Flat-Screen Television: Each room on the ship has a flat-screen television. This TV has an extensive media library containing hundreds of movies and web series. So, you can watch movies on demand, and that too for free.  
  • In-Suite Refrigerator: The passengers staying in the vessel room have a fridge that is filled with water, soft drinks, and beer when it is empty.  
  • Butler: The passengers can have a personal butler throughout their journey. However, a butler is not available to all. Only the passengers who have booked a penthouse will get the personal butler facility catering to all their needs, wants, and requirements.  
  • Gourmet Dining: Throughout the day and night, room service is available for the passengers, and they will not be charged extra money for this service. This is free of charge.  
  • Unlimited Beverages: The passengers can have as many beverages as they want during their travel the cruise does not charge any amount for this.  
  • Water Sports: Many passengers in the middle of the sea might be looking to enter the water. Well, with Regent, you can drive a bike in the water and play plenty of other water games. Those who want to dive can wear a life jacket or special suit to support them inside the water and explore marine life. Do not worry; a trainer will remain with you throughout the time when you are inside the water.     
  • Live Concerts: The company invites several musicians and DJs onboard. Vibe on the sound and move your legs and body.  

You are never out or short of things to do onboard Regent Seven Seas Cruises. They offer you a variety of activities, games, and performances that do not dull your journey. 

How To Book Cheap Tickets For Regent Seven Seas Cruises? 

Learn insider tips and tricks to secure the most affordable tickets for your dream Regent Seven Seas Cruises and make your vacation a reality. Many passengers hesitate due to high ticket prices, but you don't have to pay top dollar. With a few hacks, tickets can be booked at a lower price. To discover effective ways to book affordable flights, read the points below:-

  1. Book your Flight at the Right Time:- What approach do most people take when booking a flight? Some book as early as possible, believing that the best price is when the cruise lines have released tickets, and this gradually increases with demand. On the other hand, some passengers wait until the last minute, hoping to get a better price. Well, both approaches are wrong because if you book too early, you don't give the price enough time to adjust to market conditions, and the price can drop. But waiting until the last minute is also a bad idea, as you might end up paying for an overpriced ticket. As per the reviews of most passengers, they have suggested 2 to 4 months before the flight is the best time when most of them have secured the cheapest flight deal.
  2. Book your Flight at the Last Moment:- Now, most of you say! This is exactly the opposite of the first point and does not make any sense. Yeah! You are right, but this can also be an effective tool to get cheap flight tickets. You are still not advised to go for this because this can be risky as well, and there is no guarantee, but if your conditions fall, like you are already late enough in booking the tickets, then you can hold a little more because the price will not affect you drastically. However, using this trick may save a major portion of your budget. Now, understand what happens: Many times, the companies fail to sell all the tickets, and at the last moment, they still remain with fewer tickets in hand. To sell these remaining tickets, cruises offer these tickets at a discounted rate.
  3. Book through a Third Party:- Obviously, you are capable of booking your ticket, but are you aware of the market, cruises, and their facilities? Now, your answer may be no. Due to this lack of knowledge, you pay for an overpriced ticket without comparing and looking at the services and amenities you are likely to get onboard. Don’t make the common mistake of ignoring the expert advice to save the commission charges because they will bring the best flight deals for you that will save you money even after paying the charges.
  4. Off-Season:- Many passengers avoid traveling in the off-season because they think they will have to miss several things. However, some prefer the low season because they are likely to spend less and enjoy more. If you are a person in the second category, this trick is for you. You can be sure to enjoy the best facilities and amenities because the number of passengers does not affect its service. During the off-season, many passengers avoid a booking. So, to attract more passengers, the cruises drop the price to level the ticket sales and run their services. Take advantage of the drop price and book your ticket at a cheaper price to explore the ocean.
  5. Price Alert:- Many passengers may not be happy with the price flashing on the screen. So, what to do? Well, you have to book now; there is little to nothing you can do, but you can be a little flexible with the time. There is an option that you have. Now, what is it? It’s a feature of price alert that empowers you to bargain and share your best price with the seller. If the tickets are available within the price range you have selected for any of the cabin classes of the cruise, it will again flash on the screen, and you can now book your ticket. But what if the preferred price is not available? Then, you can leave the page, and if the price falls within the range that you have selected, you will get a notification. Open the mail and tap on the link to book your ticket at the price you are comfortable with.
  6. Festive Season:- Tickets are cheaper during festivals due to heavy discounts. During key festivals like Christmas and New Year, many companies give their customers huge discounts to attract more passengers. Similarly, cruises organize trips at a cheaper rate than regular days. Also, Cruises celebrates the festivals. The ship is decorated with lights and ornaments, and several performances are arranged to make the festival special for the passengers. The best part is that all of this is available at the ticket price, which makes the trip even more joyful and worthwhile.
  7. Senior Citizen and Student Discount:- If you are aged 70 or over, or if you are currently a student, you are entitled to great discounts on Regent Seven Seas Cruises tickets. To qualify, senior citizens must present a valid government ID showing their date of birth, while students must present their college ID. The discount amount varies from 10% to 15% depending on various factors. 

What Makes Regent Seven Seas Cruises A Leading Luxury Cruise Line? 

Regent Seven Seas is a standout cruise brand amidst a sea of competitors. Their experience in the market helps them to understand the passenger’s requirements and alter their services. Their ships are equipped with modern facilities, and the company provides customer service on board. Should any issues arise during your trip, you can directly seek assistance from a customer service agent. 
The company focuses on providing practical amenities that enhance the travel experience. Passengers can enjoy various activities onboard, such as games, pool time, water sports, and live performances, and even have a personal butler at their service throughout the day. 
What sets Regent Seven Seas apart is its competitive pricing, making its luxurious offerings accessible to a wider audience. Thanks to their market experience, they can provide top-notch facilities while keeping costs under control. Don't hesitate to book your ticket today! 

Which Are The Different Cruises Run By Regent Seven Seas Cruises?

Regent Seven Sea Cruises started offering its services to the public in 1992, and in 2008, it was acquired by Norwegian, another top cruise brand. As of 2024, the company has six cruises running in the ocean, covering different parts of the world. Now, while you are looking to book your ticket, you might be interested in knowing the details of these ships. Read below and learn some important points about the vessels:-  

Seven Seas Navigator:- T. Mariotti, in Genoa, Italy, constructed the ship in 1999. Its gross tonnage is 28,803 tons, and its maximum speed is 19.5 knots. It has a total of 13 decks out of which 8 are accessible to passengers. The maximum capacity of the ship can reach 490 passengers and it has 30 flight attendants to facilitate these passengers. Under the flag of the Bahamas, the vessel floats to Southern Europe, Africa, South America, and Asia.  

Seven Seas Voyager:-  T. Mariotti, in Genoa, Italy, constructed the ship in 2003. Its gross tonnage is 42,363 tons, and its maximum speed is 20 knots. It has 12 decks for passengers and crew members. The maximum capacity of the ship is 706 passengers, and 447 flight attendants accommodate these passengers. Under the flag of the Bahamas, the vessel floats to Spain, Greece, and Turkey.  

Seven Seas Mariner:- Chantiers de l'Atlantique, in Saint-Naziro, France, constructed the ship in 2001. Its gross tonnage is 48,075 tons, and its maximum speed is 19.5 knots. It has eight decks for passengers and crew members. The maximum capacity of the ship can reach 700 passengers and it has 445 flight attendants to facilitate these passengers. Under the flag of the Bahamas, the vessel floats to Auckland, the Mediterranean, Barcelona, and the South Pacific.  

Seven Seas Explorer:- Explorer was constructed in the year 2016 by Fincantieri in Genoa, Italy. Its gross tonnage is 55,254 tons, and its maximum speed is 19.4 knots. It has a total of 13 decks out of which 10 are accessible to passengers. The maximum capacity of the ship can reach 750 passengers and it has 532 flight attendants to facilitate these passengers. Under the flag of Marshall Island, the vessel floats to Tokoyo, Vancouver, Hong Kong, and New York. 

Seven Seas Splendor:- The ship was constructed in 2020 by Fincantieri in Ancona. The gross tonnage of this beast is 56,182 tons. It can carry approximately 746 passengers. Under the flag of Marshall Island, the ship floats to different locations in the world. Some of the popular destinations covered by this cruise are Miami and Barcelona.  

Seven Seas Grandeur:- The ship was constructed in 2023 by Fincantieri in Ancona. The gross tonnage of this beast is 56,199 tons. It can carry approximately 744 passengers. Under the flag of Marshall Island, the ship floats to different locations in the world. Some of the popular destinations covered by this cruise are North America, Central America, Europe, and the Caribbean.  

In the coming year, the company is planning to add two more ships to the line. These ships will have a gross tonnage of 77,000 tons and are equipped with all the modern facilities and amenities. These ships will also run their operations under the Marshal Islands flag. With a capacity of 850 passengers in a single trip, this will be the largest cruise of Regent Seven Seas Cruises Lines so far.   


Are you eager to explore the world through the ancient mode of transportation? Sea routes have always fascinated humans, but many have been unable to experience them due to the high cost. Indeed, not everyone can afford this incredible journey because cruises can be expensive. Nevertheless, you can still save a significant amount of money by using various tips and tricks. Consider planning your travel with Regent Seven Seas Cruises, which is comparatively more affordable than its competitors. If you have any questions, please call 1-800-784-0022 to speak with their agent for assistance.