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How to Change my Vivaaerobus Flight?

Viva Aerobus is the low-cost Mexican airline that offers the best deals and discounts on plane tickets. It is the third largest airline in Mexico and due to the great services, travelers can easily book a flight or change their flight schedule. Most of the travelers have made the Vivaaerobus booking and due to some reasons, they want to change the flight. But the problem is that they don't know how to change my Vivaaerobus flight. so you can simply check the article and find the flight change process and the cost as well.

How can I change the date of my flight on Viva Aerobus?

For whatever reason, Vivaaerbus allows you to change your flight easily over the Internet. You can follow the steps below and change your flight time.

  • You can go to the Vivaaerobus page
  • Click on the Manage My Trip section
  • You have to enter the last name and the confirmation code.
  • Afterward, you can check the flight details and find the flight change option.
  • You can change your flight and pay the fee if applicable.
  • Once the entire process is completed, you will receive a confirmation email.

How much do they charge me to change a flight on Viva Aerobus?

Viva Aerobus allows you to change your flight up to 4 hours before departure via the Internet for free. If you want to know the cost of changing your flight, it will depend on the type of fare and the flight change policy.

What are the other ways to change the flight date on Viva Aerobus?

There are many ways to change your Vivaaerbus flight. If you want to know them, you can consult them below and choose one of them.
Changing the flight via phone call
You can contact Vivaerobus customer service via phone call. If you cannot change flight dates online and want to know the fastest and easiest way to change your flight. You can call Vivaaerbus at this phone number 81 82 150 150. Visit the Vivaaerobus counter to change your flight date you can go to the nearest airport and visit the Vivaaerobus counter to request a change of flight dates. You can change your flight dates to the attendant provide the relevant flight documents and pay the amount if applicable.

What is Vivaaerobus' flight changing policy?

Before changing the flight, you must follow the Viva Aerobus flight change policy and have an idea of ​​the eligibility for the flight change.

  • According to Vivaaerobus policy, you can change the flight via the Internet within 4 hours before the flight departure.
  • If you cannot change the flight within 4 hours before the flight departure, then you will have to pay for it.
  • If the airline changes the flight due to technical or weather problems, you can change it for free.
  • If you have booked through a travel agency, you can change the flight directly.

How many times can the flight be changed on Viva Aerobus?

Passengers can change their Viva Aerobus flight for possibly 3 times but they have to pay the difference between the old flight and the current flight.

What are the policies for changing flights on Viva Aerobus?

Passengers should read the policies mentioned below if they want to change anything on their Viva Aerobus flight. These police officers are very important and that is why they must be very careful.

  • The policy is that travelers can change their flight before 24 hours of departure time for free.
  • The policy is that the time, destination, and date can change.
  • The policy is that they must pay the cost of their new flight.
  • The policy is that customers cannot change their flight if they have checked in.

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