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What Assistance does Delta Airlines Offer? 

If you make a reservation with Delta Airlines and want to get special services from the airline, then you can make a request and get assistance by contacting the helpdesk. The airline provides the special assistance for different services. You can see the services below so that you can easily make the request. 

  • Cognitive disability assistance
  • Wheelchair assistance
  • Assistive devices and medications
  • Trained service animal 
  • Blind, low vision, deaf and hard of hearing travelers
  • Assistance on the ground

What is the Delta Airlines phone number for special assistance?

To make a request for special assistance from the airline, you must contact Delta's help desk. To contact the airline executive immediately, dial Delta's special assistance phone number which is 404-209-3434 or 802 636 9409 which is active 24 hours a day. Once you are connected to the airline consultant, you make the request for special assistance for your travel with the airline.

What are the different Assistance Offered by Delta Airlines?

Wheelchair assistance at the airport

If needed Delta has a wheelchair service available:-

  1. To and from the boarding gate
  2. Between gates for connecting flights
  3. To the baggage claim area

It is recommended to request wheelchair assistance in advance by selecting "Add special assistance" when booking or managing your trip online. You may also inform a Delta team member at the airport on the day of travel that you require wheelchair assistance.

Assistance for the hearing impaired

  • You should let one of Delta's gate agents or flight attendants know if you need help hearing any important news about your flight. Also, security videos come with closed captioning.
  • If you need assistance at the airport, let them know if you are hearing impaired or have no hearing so they can make sure you receive security information and any important news about your flight.

Assistance for the visually impaired

  • If you need help checking in or getting to the boarding gate, let an agent at the check-in counter know. If you would like to use one of your complimentary wheelchairs or if you need to be escorted to the boarding gate, you can also request this during the booking process or at the airport. In addition, safety information leaflets in Braille are available on board your flight.
  • If you need assistance at the airport, please let them know if you are visually impaired or have low vision so they can make sure you receive security information and any important updates about your flight.

Assistance to persons with cognitive or developmental disabilities

Delta assists people with cognitive or developmental disabilities during embarkation, disembarkation and connections. When deciding whether your loved one should travel alone, consider the following:-

  • Will he or she need ongoing care or help with personal care?
  • Is he or she able to understand and respond to safety instructions and any instructions from the flight crew?
  • If your flight is cancelled or delayed, will you be able to spend a night at the airport or in a hotel unsupervised?
  • Travellers who need to receive personal or continuous care, or who are unable to follow security instructions, should travel with their own security assistant.

How can you request Delta's assistance?

To make a request for special assistance, you can contact customer service or fill out the form. If you are wondering how to request assistance from Delta, then follow the instructions below:-

  • Open Delta's website and tap on the "help centre" section. 
  • On the airline's help page, you will find in the "request special assistance" section, click on. 
  • You will find the form that you need to fill in to enter all the necessary details also includes the booking details and click submit.

How to get wheelchair assistance from Delta?

To make the request for Delta wheelchair assistance you can follow the steps below:-

  • Browse the Delta website and click on the "my bookings" section. 
  • Now, you are required to enter the booking reference of your reservation and click "submit". 
  • You will be redirected on a new page where you will find different options, tap on "make request for wheelchair assistance". 
  • Fill in the form to write the necessary details and click on submit. 

How can you book Delta's senior assistance?

To book special assistance for seniors on Delta flight, you have to connect with the airline's help department by calling the number which is 404-209-3434 or 802 636 9409 and connect with the airline's executive to book the assistance.

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