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How You Can Reserve Your Seat On Southwest Airline?

If this is your first trip with Southwest Airlines and you are confused about seat selection then there is nothing to worry about. In this article we are going to get all the information about seat selection on Southwest Airlines.

How to Select My Seat on Southwest?

When you board your flight the flight attendant greets you and guides you to your assigned seat but if you fly Southwest, skip it because where you sit is up to you. Any empty seat can be selected. That means that the first person on board will get the best seat. As already mentioned, anyone can sit in any seat but how to choose the seating order and in order to obtain that information can be found in the list below according to your order -

  • Pre-boarding
  • Group A 1–60
  • family boarding
  • Active Military and A-List/A-List Preferred
  • Group B 1–60
  • Group C 1–60

What is the Boarding Process at Southwest?

  • All passengers wait at a station according to their boarding series
  • And the auxiliaries call the first group of 30 passengers (A1 to A30)
  • After this A31 to A60
  • In the next step the next family group is called
  • When families choose their seats, military and A-list passengers will be called
  • Lastly, passengers will be called group B 1 - B 60 and Group C1 - C60.

How can I get the best seat in SouthWest?

If you want to get the best seat in southwest you can consider the following tips -
Always try to arrive within 24 hours of your flight departure.
If you have A list of elito status then you can get the best seat easily
There are other options too like-

  • Early check-in 
  • Seat update

To get a preferable seat, we recommend that you book the first flight of the day.

How much does it cost to choose a seat on Southwest?

You still cannot choose your seat, however if you choose your seat additionally then the Southwest Airlines Seat Selection Cost would be between $30 to $70 approximately. If you are a Southwest “rapid rewards” member then there are no additional fees to pay and you can also enjoy priority check-in time. However the airline seating plan is a bit confusing and has advantages and disadvantages such as you can choose your favorite seat with legroom but it seems a little narrower than other seats. If you still have more questions related to the seat selection process, you can contact the airline's reservations department.

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